These are examples of markings you could find on the back of various siding products. In some cases I have not found any markings on the siding of a complete home. The one to the left is obviously Masonite.
Weyerhaeuser Siding
Notice the AHA 10 and the tree in a triangle or something that looks like a big A.
This is a sample of Temple Inland siding from a David Weekley home in Houston, TX. notice the smooth, dark texture and the INLAND which is very noticable.
Temple Industries
This is a sample from panel siding. Notice the cluster of Ts connected together in circle.
Notice the works “Masonite Omniwood” and then notice the pattern. Wood chps glued together. Small tooth pick pieces of wood chips.
LP Inner Seal
Notice the pieces of siding glued together. Notice the wood chips are bigger than the Omniwood siding.
LP Inner-Seal
Same piece as above, but notice the APA and the LP Inner-Seal label.
This is a close up of Abitibi-Price. Notice the course pattern on the back.
Siding Patterns
This is a close up of a Masonite product called Woodsman lap siding. Notice the waffle iron pattern or burlap pattern. I have seen this on different types of Masonite. Notice the color also and texture.
Here is a sample of Masonite with the X-90 markings. Notice how the letters are made with a series of dots.
More X-90-
Here is another sample of X-90 on Masonite brand siding.
Boise Cascade
This is from a home built by Village Builders in the mid 80’s with Boise Cascade 12″ lap siding. Notice the circle around the tree.
Backside of Masonite 6″ Smooth Lap
This is the 90 in X-90. Notice how the back is smooth. No waffle iron pattern like above.
Champion Stamp on the siding of plywood